Single Necklace _ Phoenician
Single Necklace _ Phoenician

Single Necklace _ Phoenician

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The Story Behind Lebanon, The Phoenicians and the Alphabets: Lebanon's history traces back to the Phoenicians, known for their ingenuity in sea navigation and trade. Their legacy includes the world's oldest verified alphabet, a UNESCO-recognized Lebanese heritage.

Cadmus, a Phoenician king, introduced the Phoenician alphabet to the Greeks, shaping languages like Greek and Arabic. Today, Arabic, derived from the Phoenician alphabet, is Lebanon's official language...…..

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  • Material: Exquisite 24 K gold-plated coins on a brass base.
  • Pendant Size: 4 cm Diam.
  • Lightweight: Designed to be as light as feathers for comfortable wear.

Care Instructions: To maintain their shine, keep them dry and avoid contact with perfumes and chemicals. Use a soft cloth for cleaning and remove before swimming or showering.

Unique Piece: Each piece is a one-of-a-kind treasure, blending history, roots, and architectural splendor into a wearable art piece. They are more than just jewelry; they symbolize a rich heritage and timeless style, inviting you to explore the beauty of culture and craftsmanship in every detail.