The UAE Dalla Small  earrings

The UAE Dalla Small earrings

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    The Story Behind the Dallah Coin: The Dallah coffee pot seen on 1 AED  coin represents hospitality which is a core value in the rich United Arab Emirates heritage. The age-old tradition of welcoming guests with a steaming pot of Arabic coffee and dates is practiced among Emirati families till today. The serving of Arabic coffee is guided by elaborate etiquette for the server, the guest and the host. For example, the server must hold the Dallah with the left hand, with the thumb pointing to the top, and hold the cup with the right hand. Likewise, etiquette for a guest dictates they must use the right hand to receive and return the cup to the server. Arabic coffee (called Qahwa) is usually a delicious blend of cardamom and saffron served in tiny cups.



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    • Material: Exquisite 24 K gold-plated coins on a metal base.
    • Earring Size: 2 cm Diam.
    • Lightweight: Designed to be as light as feathers for comfortable wear.

    Care Instructions: To maintain their shine, keep the earrings dry and avoid contact with perfumes and chemicals. Use a soft cloth for cleaning and remove before swimming or showering.

    • Unique Piece: Each pair of the Earrings is a one-of-a-kind treasure, blending history, roots, and architectural splendor into a wearable art piece. They are more than just earrings; they symbolize a rich heritage and timeless style, inviting you to explore the beauty of culture and craftsmanship in every detail.
    These earrings are not just accessories; they're a statement of history and style. Discover the beauty of heritage in every detail.